We are located in the heart of Cedar Rapids and have a heart for our city. We dream of being a church that has people spread all throughout our city getting involved in a variety of ways showing the character of Jesus as we spread His message.  As a church we long to unleash a community of Christlike servants for the betterment of Cedar Rapids.  Would you consider how you could get involved in our community?  Below are a list of organizations in need of volunteers that we would love to point you towards.

Youth For Christ


Mentor a Student

Mentor Me is a mentoring ministry that provides equipped Christian families the opportunity to show the love of Jesus and share the love of Jesus to youth in our community through lasting mentor relationships.

Be a Lunch Buddy

The lunch buddy program is a great way to to make a difference in a student. In the Lunch Buddies program, Bigs visit their elementary aged Little at their school at least twice a month. They can eat, talk, work on homework, play a game, or do a special project. It’s up to them to decide!



Monthly Donations

25:35 is our effort as a church to bless those in need in the city of Cedar Rapids. We believe that Jesus calls His church to love and serve our neighbors as we proclaim the gospel of hope not in words only, but with actions and in truth (1 John 3:18).


Mission of Hope provides meals, shelter, and Bible studies for people in need. Volunteer Opportunities include: hot lunch program, food preparation, food pantry assistance, office help, musicians for worship services


Bridgehaven serves people in our community as a pregnancy support center. They work with individuals who could be or are pregnant, new parents, those who have had an abortion and need to talk, and men whose girlfriend is pregnant. They need volunteers to help their organization run. There are innumerable ways that you can help.

Family Support

Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) is a volunteer movement that gives hope and support to families in distress. They support families during crises, and are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and out of foster care. Safe Families hosts vulnerable children. They create extended-family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and to reunite families.

Where do I start?

Let us know if the Involved Project is something you want to go through, and we'll be in touch to get you connected.

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Where do I start?

Let us know if the Involved Project is something you want to go through, and we'll be in touch to get you connected.

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